Friday, January 6, 2012

Emilio AF2 BMF

Before I smoked this cigar, I literally had no prior experience with any of this company's cigars. I received this cigar as part of a prize pack and had no knowledge of the brand before getting it. It's an interesting experience, smoking a cigar you really have no prior knowledge of. I would compare it to smoking an unbanded cigar a friend hands to you.

Of course, this is all helped along by the style of art the cigar is packaged with. The band, as you'll see in the accompanying photo, is very simple. It's a gold colored band with black lettering that plainly says "Emilio AF2". No fancy fonts or logos. If the band didn't have any kind of color to it, I would assume this was a sample provided by the company. So, with no real preconceived notions, I took the cigar from my humidor.

As I removed the cigar from the cellophane, I took a mental note of how great it looked. Some oily sheen on the wrapper with minimal veins. The aroma on the wrapper and foot was a very ordinary aged tobacco aroma. It wasn't unpleasant but it didn't grab my attention. The pre-light draw was similarly plain.

As I lit up I was greeted with some very nice flavors. There were flavors of woodiness and smokiness. I'm not sure how to further describe what I was tasting. I would compare it to some of the flavors I've tasted in smoked meat (kind of like beef jerky but without the saltiness).

And that was pretty much all I detected in this cigar in terms of flavor. The cigar is very well-constructed. The burn was great. It occasionally went crooked but very quickly corrected itself. The flavors lasted throughout the entire cigar. I would describe this stick as rich and full of flavor but not overly complex. This is a solid medium strength stogie. I would recommend it to any who are out there that don't demand flavor changes repeatedly or those who don't feel the need to be punched in the face by a cigar. Thanks to Doc Diaz of for providing this opportunity to try the AF2.

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