Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The first cry from the ring of fire

Greetings to all that have come here. This blog will be about cigars. I burn 'em and tell you what I thought. I don't have a very refined palate, I'm sure, but I'll give you my honest impressions about everything I smoke (as long as it's not redundant). I'll also post pictures for everything I smoke, give you the run down on events I attend (although those'll be few and far between), and probably post the occasional video. At first this will be a very amateur attempt, and I hope to improve (and perhaps change formats) as I gather experience.

I don't make a lot of money (currently unemployed) but right now my humidor is stocked and I smoke about one or two cigars a week. So the frequency of posts won't be crazy but will be fairly steady and consistent. I hope you'll continue to check out this blog as I possibly bring on additional people and take this into the great unknown.